Hiding from God’s Calling

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. 
Phillipians 1:6 KJV

Hiding my thoughts. Hiding my passion. Hiding my words. Hiding my notebook.

Though it may sound silly, that is what I did. I hid from that deep down calling in my heart. Why?

One word. FEAR.

Fear of failure. Fear of disappointment. Fear of criticism. Fear of rejection.

For years, writing was a thought I had quite often entertained. Frequently, it would cross my mind only too often to be pushed down deep where it could be forgotten. My mind would shift from the possibilities of helping others through the words God had given me, to focusing on all the “what ifs” that I could fathom up in my mind. It seemed so out of reach to a simple, southern girl like me. I’m just a homeschooling mama, who loves the quiet, simple life. The idea of putting myself out there for others to see and read my words is quite frightening.


Yes, that would be one word to describe how I see myself. I don’t have a college degree. I don’t have some adventurous life with grand experiences, but I do have God, and what I am learning, is that he is more than enough. He is capable and he is worthy to talk or write about. I have seen him move mountains in my life. I have seen him turn impossible into possible. I don’t know why the God of the universe would choose to use someone like me, but I do know He created me for a reason. I love him and I want to live my life serving him. I have learned that God tends to push us outside of our comfy zones, because it is in the those places that we can grow and experience his power and love on different levels.

If you can relate to these feelings, this fleeing from what God has put on your heart, let’s band together and step out in his truth. No more running from the calling stirring in our hearts. I want you to know that you matter, you are loved and were created for a greater purpose. If you feel God nudging at your heart, join me and let’s take a leap of faith and move forward in that calling. If God calls us, he will equip us with whatever is needed for that journey. All we have to do is be obedient and leave the rest up to him. If God can use a simple, southern girl like me, then there no doubt he can use you too!

We don’t have to be great; God is.

We don’t have to be perfect; God is.

We don’t have to be qualified; God is.

We just have to be willing to step out in faith and take the path he leads us to.

Keep moving forward,

Hayley W

2 thoughts on “Hiding from God’s Calling”

  1. Great words of encouragement! Now if I could just figure out what my calling is???? In the mean time I’m gonna keep showing up and praising Him.

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    1. Sometimes I think we overthink what we assume our purpose should be. We think on a big or grand scale. God is in the mundane things of life just as much. There is a song we sing at church called Little Is Much When God Is In It. Some of us may have a big circle we impact, others it may be a small circle, but either way it matters. God has a purpose for us all!


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