God is Good, Even When…

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Psalm 34:8

God is good. 
Even when the prayer doesn't get answered in the way you had hoped.
Even when you don't get the job or promotion you applied for.
Even when that relationship doesn't get restored.
Even when the medical diagnosis was unexpected.
Even when you feel alone.
Even when your marriage is going through a valley.
Even when your hard work doesn't seem to pay off.
Even if you are having a bad day.
God is still good.
Even when the bills keep piling up.
Even when you feel like your just going through the motions each day.
Even when the future looks dim.
Even when your loved ones are walking down a bad path.
Even when you don't see a way.
God is still good. 

God's goodness should not be based on our circumstances, but if we were honest, we often associate the two together. When we face trials in this life, we often start to listen to our enemy and his lies. We need to acknowledge this and remind ourselves of the truth of God.
God loves us.
God is for us.
God knows what is best for us.
God keeps his promises.
God does not lie.
God is a way maker.
God is faithful, He will never leave you.
He can restore what was once broken.
He can turn ashes into beauty.
We can trust that He hears our prayers and is always working on our behalf.
He is our hope.

I pray if your struggling today, please take time to remind yourself of God's truth. He is worthy and is able to do more than our little minds can comprehend. What we see and feel as the hard knocks of life, He can take and use those moments to grow us as Christians. Sometimes we just need to let go, and trust Him with the process. Let Him guide us through the hurt and frustrations. Release the pain over to him, and receive His peace.

Keep moving forward,
Hayley W

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