A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love will never end, it is there from beginning to end.

A mom’s life. So many words can come to mind when it comes to the role of a mother. I do not think moms will ever grasp the full impact they have had on the lives of their kids. We can hope we are making a difference in the way we have raised and shaped our children. We trust that the hours of spilled tears, and silent prayers, the sleepless nights of worry and heartache were not in vain. We trust them into the hands of God who loves them more than we can imagine, which is hard for me to grasp sometimes knowing just how deep my love goes for my kids. A mother’s love is vast and goes deep into places of her being that only she knows. As my kids gets older, knowing that God has a specific role and purpose for their life brings peace to my worrisome heart. Seeing them grow in Christ is one of the biggest blessings I have had. There is so much we want to tell them and show them, things we hope that they will keep in their hearts long after we are gone, but if there was just one thing I could choose to leave behind that would stick with them it would be Jesus.

Seek and follow him daily with all of your heart. Never give up on him. He is faithful and his plans are far more greater than what our feeble minds can fathom. Trust his timing. Keep him first in your life. When there seems like there is no way, He will make one. Know his word. Ask for his guidance. He is worthy, even if it means standing alone for his sake, he is worthy of our time, attention and obedience. If you ever stray from Him, don’t stay there, find your way back to him because he is forgiving, and he will never leave you.

There are no words to express how truly grateful I am for my mom. She is one of my rocks here on earth. She taught me all about Jesus, and her life backed up her words. She just didn’t speak those words, she lived them every day and continues to do so. Being raised by a Christian mom was something I took for granted in my earlier years. Back then, there were times when I rebelled against her and God. It was when I got married and moved out, that our relationship started to improve. Then I got pregnant with my first child and was very sick and had complications, that was when my relationship with her got even stronger. I do not know what I would have done without her. She has become one of my best friends and she will never know just how much she means to me. I am who I am because of her. I will always cherish in my heart the things she taught me growing up and I hope I have passed those things on to my daughter. My mom is a loving, strong, and selfless women who has the biggest heart for serving others. She is a good example of what a Christian life should be. When I look at her life, it is Jesus’s love I see and it makes me want to continue to strive to become who he wants me to be.

I just want to say, every day how we live our lives is being watched by those around us. Whether you have kids of your own or not, we have a generation who is watching us. How we choose to act every day, and who we chose to serve matters. Will it be self or will it be God? We will never know the impact our lives have, but I do know we were made for more. God can use every single one of us to point others to him. Be willing and be obedient to what he puts on your heart.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Keep moving forward,

Hayley W

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