The Weight of Worry

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I just came back from a great weekend get away with my hubby. Good times and fun memories were made. It was a weekend of relaxing and soaking in the peaceful surroundings. Then came Monday……and it came in like a wrecking ball, knocking that smile from the weekend, right off my face.

I let a situation that I was faced with today, totally consume my mind and day. My “to-do list” was pushed to the back burner, while my focus was solely on the problem at hand. I worried. I fretted. I murmured some “not so nice” words under my breath. I cried. I panicked. I sent email after email and even spent hours on the phone. To say I did not handle the issue at hand well is an understatement. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. I felt helpless. I felt confused.

Have you ever felt this way?

Why do we let ourselves succumb to the problems that arise in our day? Am I the only one who can let them send me spiraling downward with no hope? Looking back now, still trying to ease the tension that I let take place physically, it all seems somewhat silly that I got so worked up. I could have approached it with a different mindset for sure.

You know what I didn’t do today. I didn’t stop and ask God to help me. I didn’t stop and take some time to quieten my mind, focus on Him, and pray sincerely out of my heart for help. Sure I said out loud, “God help me”, but it was out of frustration, it wasn’t heart felt. Not only did my actions cause me stress, but it also overflowed onto those who were around me. If you were one of those who it affected today, I sincerely apologize.

Looking back at today’s events, I just shake my head in disgust. Why do I repeatedly let faith so easily slip thru my fingers when troubles arise? Sometimes I can handle bumps in the road well, others, not so much. It is a struggle and then I am left with my head in my hands, wondering why I put myself through the things I do, when I belong to One who cares for me and who will help me along the way.

Casting all your care upon Him, because He cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7

I was reminded of this verse this evening. If I would have took the time to take my concerns to God earlier this day, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and stress. I have been a Christian for many years, but as much as I hate to admit it, it is a struggle to seek Him first. Oftentimes, the weight of the issue presses down quickly upon me, and I find myself in such disarray that I find it hard to stop, breathe, and talk to God. I am glad he loves me despite my many faults and shortcomings. If I would have just went to him first, this Monday would have turned out so differently. I am a work in progress and God knows that. He knows all about me, but yet still loves me and still offers his help and goodness to my life. What a loving God we serve! I am thankful that every day is a new opportunity to strive to do better.

Keep moving forward,

Hayley W

2 thoughts on “The Weight of Worry”

  1. Very personal and easy to relate to…I am reminded daily of the song by Jeremy Camp…Take this Out of My Hands.


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